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Have you been struggling to create art you're truly proud of? You're not alone. Oil painting can be challenging!
TISCH ACADEMY provides comprehensive courses, giving you everything you need to see massive improvement and take your art to the NEXT LEVEL!

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Art is a lonely road... Why not travel with a few friends?

Have you been going it alone in the studio? Why not take advantage of our exclusive community. You'll meet all kinds of inspiring artists all across the world. TISCH ACADEMY provides the perfect platform for you to utilize the experience of other academy members; show off your prized pieces, take part in group challenges and super-charge your learning.

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Gain insights into all aspects of painting with structured courses, challenges and deep-dives!

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Become a part of our thriving artist community and reap the benefits of like-minded people!

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Engaging live-streams and Q&A sessions that will inspire you and answer your technical questions!

Joshua D

"These are absolutely wonderful high-quality videos, beautifully presented. Full of valuable in-depth information on colour, light, equipment and technique and a lesson on how important it is to understand the physical nature of what you are painting."


Academy Member

"I’ve learned a ton from you and, your Academy membership is the greatest overall learning tool I’ve had - plus the variety of what you offer is off the charts."

David H

"Andrew’s DVDs are loaded with valuable information and have taught me a lot about oil painting and they leave me wanting more. You will not be disappointed! They will expand your artistic abilities to a new level. They definitely deserve a 10 out of 10."